Nigerian Police Recruitment 2020/2021 Application Form Portal

The official Nigerian police recruitment form is now available for purchase on their portal and it’s now on sale in all nearby cyber cafeteria. Today I’m going to be showing you all the important information you need, necessary requirements, and how to apply.

Being a member of the Nigerian police is a dream come through because it’s a very nice job with a good salary. Police job doesn’t involve much stress unlike the army, SARS, and the rest.

Before applying to be one of the Nigerian police please make sure you are qualified and you have all the necessary requirements to avoid being rejected. So if you think you have all it takes to be Nigerian police then continue reading this post to see the procedures to apply.

Please take every information you found on this page seriously because almost all the necessary information you need to be one of the Nigerian police is right here on this post, so take a chill pill and digest this informative post.

Nigeria Police Recruitment Academic Qualifications

Academic qualifications are not a barrier and will never hinder you from becoming one of the Nigerian police officers. But if you are at least a bachelor or HND holder it will you get more rank in Nigeria police.

Nigeria Police Recruitment Requirements

Unfortunately, not everyone could join the Nigeria police. They are some certain things required from you before you could be qualified to join the Nigeria police force, check if you meet up with the requirements below.


Like I said earlier, education is not a barrier before you could join the Nigerian force but O level is very essential because it’s required.


Nationality is also a barrier for joining the Nigeria police force, the Nigeria police are meant for Nigeria’s only. Outsiders are not accepted.


Attitude could also hinder you from joining the Nigeria police force, anybody with criminal or rapist record will not be accepted into the Nigeria police force.


The minimum age that is accepted in the Nigerian police is 18yrs while the maximum is 25yrs.


Unfortunately, the police force is not for everyone especially short people, height could hinder you from joining the Nigerian police force. The accepted height is 1.67 meters tall for men and 1.64 meters for women.

Things To Consider Before Joining The Nigeria Police Force

Before purchasing the Nigeria police recruitment form please take note of these below things because they are really going to help you with the process.

  • Don’t pay anyone to help you to avoid being scammed
  • Make sure you are qualified to avoid being rejected
  • Make sure you have all the essential requirements

How To Apply For Nigerian Police Recruitment Form

Now that you have gotten all the necessary pieces of information, the next step is to visit the police official portal or any cyber cafeteria around you and apply for the Nigeria police recruitment.

Nigerian Police Recruitment Portal

  • The Nigeria recruitment portal is
  • Visit the site and apply now.

That’s all, don’t forget to bookmark this page so that you’ll be updated on Nigerian police recruitment.

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