Latest MTN Unlimited Free Browsing Cheat 2020 | New MTN Free Browsing Cheat Code


We’ve discovered another new mtn free browsing cheat that allows you browse and stream for free. I personally have used over 10GB and still counting, infact its what i’m using to write this post.

But you really need to act fast before they block this mtn cheat unlike other one’s. It’s not capped or sim selective.

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If you check you’ll see that it has been very long we enjoyed free browsing on mtn, some of the ones we are using now is capped and someone can’t really do much with it. What a pity (lol).

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Me and my team have been working so hard to come up with a new mtn free browsing cheat that works perfectly and after sleepless nights and data wasted we were able to come up with a working mtn free data cheat.

I’m going to reveal this mtn cheat here for everybody to enjoy, you don’t have to keep on wasting money for data again. This cheat allows you browse, download and stream without paying a dime.

Requirements For MTN Free Browsing Cheat 2020

  1. mtn sim
  2. Android/iOS
  3. Tunneling app

How To Activate MTN Free Browsing Cheat 2020

  1. Download and install Psiphon Handler here
  2. Launch and tweak your PSIPHON HANDLER with the following settings:
  3. Check Remove port box
  4. Proxy type: Dual Real Host
  5. Proxy server:
  6. Real proxy type: HTTP
  7. Real proxy port: 80

Quickly navigate to OPTIONS and select the UNITED STATES as your region.

Finally, tap on MORE OPTIONS, under CONNECT THROUGH HTTP, and enter as Host address and 8080 as Port


i have been enjoying this mtn 1gb for 100 naira for some weeks now. You can now enjoy a whooping 1gb on mtn with just 100 Naira.

  1. Load 100 naira mtn recharge card
  2. Dial *131*100#
  3. If you are eligible you’ll be asked to choose auto renewal or one time purchase but if you arent eligible you’ll get a massage telling you that you are not eligible for this offer.
  4. subscribe and enjoy.

NB: Your money will be deducted, Don’t mind, Just dial *131*4# to check your Data Balance, You will see

MTN 24clan VPN Cheat

Below is how to activate mtn 24clan cheat and start unlimited free browsing.

  1. Download 24clan vpn from the link above
  2. Install the vpn and open it
  3. In the second box, select any of the New MTN 0.0k free server
  4. Lastly, tap on the Connect button and wait for about 10 seconds for it to connect.
  5. When it’s connected, minimize the vpn and start browsing.

Things You Must Know About 24clan VPN MTN Free Browsing

  1. This free browsing cheat is not a new cheat
  2. This cheat is not unlimited, as it’s capped at about 50MB or more per day, depending on your SIM
  3. You will notice some frequent disconnections and reconnections due to server overload


MTN4me is a special offer that gives its subscribers 1GB for N200, usable on any devices of their choice and is valid for just 7 days. Meaning with just N1000, you can get up to 5GB of data for heavy internet users.

below is how to activate mtn 1gb for n200

  1. Make sure you have upto 200 naira airtime
  2. Simply dial Dial *131*65*2# 
  3. select 1 to proceed >> Reply Yes/No for autorenewal

To check your balance kindly dial *131*4#

NOTE– this mtn free browsing cheat codes with unlimited data download that am sharing is available for all mtn customer’s.

How To Activate MTN 1GB For N500

Unfortunately, this Plan has been reduced from 1GB to 500MB for N500! You will then receive a total of 1GB but 500MB will be credited to your data main account while the 500MB bonus will be credited to the bonus account.

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So today, we will be showing you, How you can Get MTN 1GB for N500 . There  is No Tweaking, No cheat, but you must be among MTN Pulse Subscribers to enjoy this awesome plan. This is one of the best MTN Data Plan for your device.

  1. just go ahead and dial *406#, then 2 and 1
  2. You are done. Understand that the *406#code is to migrate to MTN Pulse tariff plan.
  3. You will then receive a total of 1GB but 500MB will be credited to your data main account while the 500MB bonus will be credited to the bonus account.

You must note that, it is valid for 7days. All the data bundle, the calls and the rest is valid for 7days.

How To Activate MTN 4GB For N1000

To get all the facts about the new MTN 4GB for N10001GB for N200 etc data offers, I spoke with a customer care operator at MTN.

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So I am going to share all you need to know about the new MTN 4GB for N1000 and 1GB for N200 and codes to subscribe for the new MTN data offer.

  1. Make sure you have upto 1000 MTN airtime or better recharge now
  2. Dial *131*65# and choose 3 (Valid for 30 days)

To check your balance kindly dial *131*4#

Free Browsing Cheat Telegram Channel

We also have a telegram channel where free browsing freaks can join and get updates from us about an any free data cheat.


Thats it, do not forget to comment and share this mtn free browsing cheat with friends.

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