How TO fix iPhone SE Water Damage 2020

A lot of iPhone users and those intending to buy iPhones are searching on Google to know if iPhone SE water damaged can be fixed or not. So today I’m going to answer and the questions related to iPhone SE issues.

A lot of people are also searching to know if iPhone se is waterproof or water-resistant, if you are searching any of these keywords then just have it in mind that you’ve just arrived at the right post to get useful information to your question.

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Is iPhone SE Waterproof ?

It’s very necessary to know that the water-resistance may deteriorate over time through normal wear and tear.  More importantly, pressurized water and saltwater can breach the water-resistant seal on the iPhone SE.

So just because the iPhone SE is water-resistant does not mean it will be able to withstand all kinds of liquids. Remember, Apple made it clear that your phone is not protected in the event of liquid damage. So don’t think that Apple will replace your iPhone if it’s damaged by water.

iPhone SE water damage?

Can I Take My iPhone SE To The Pool Or Shower?

Well, since your iPhone SE is water-resistant, taking your iPhone to the pool won’t be a bad idea. You can take it to the shower, play music, answer phone calls, and even make a phone call or reply to a text message. There is nothing run with that.

However, concerning taking your iPhone to the pool, it will all depend on you. The decision is yours to make. You can take it to the pool, but please be safe you should use a waterproof case.

Before making the purchase, make sure you read the online review to know how well it works. While doing that always remember that Apple’s warranty does not cover water damage. So if your iPhone gets damaged by water you are on your own.

How To Fix iPhone SE Water Damage

If your iPhone comes in contact with water, your next line of action is to quickly wipe off the water before it damaged it. You can wipe out the water using any an absorbent fabric, like a towel. In a pinch, even your shirt too will do just fine.

After you are done wiping it, give your iPhone time to dry. Allow it some time to dry before you can start using it. However, if your iPhone falls inside the toilet, you need to do more than just cleaning it. You need to disinfect it from any contaminated germs.

To be play safe, make sure you don’t expose your iPhone to all kinds of liquid or even water. Your iPhone will survive if you are beaten by rain or if you mistakenly drop it on water.


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