How To Register FCMB Transfer Code

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If you are reading this post it simply means that you were searching for the fcmb transfer code which allows all fcmb account holder’s to perform any kind of transaction at home or office sitting at their favorite chair.

Do you know that you can easily transfer money from your FCMB account to another bank in Nigeria without visiting any nearest bank or ATM machine? You can also purchase airtime, pay bills, and perform other transactions using your FCMB USSD code for mobile banking. You don’t need Internet connection to enjoy this awesome service, all you need is a phone with registered phone with FCMB account.

What Is FCMB Money Transfer Code

fcmb ussd code is just a three digit code that allows all the first city momentum bank to perform any kind of transaction from their comfort zone.

What You Can Do With FCMB USSD Code

They is no limit to what you can do with fcmb transfer code. This service is very amazing.

  1. You can use it and send money to any bank in Nigeria
  2. you use it and check your fcmb E-statement
  3. You can use it and purchase airtime for your phone
  4. You can use it and make payment online.

How To Register FCMB Transfer Code

The steps below is for those that have not registered their phone number on FCMB USSD Code.

NOTE– The phone number you intend to register must be linked to FCMB account ( the phone number must be used to open FCMB bank account). If so follow the steps below

  1. Dial *389*214#, You will receive a welcome message from FCMB with a menu option displayed . Activate with card, activate with account, activate with Mwallet.
  2. Select option 2 ( activate with account), then process by sending your reply.
  3. New message will pop up on the screen asking you to enter account number u want to add to the service.
  4. Once you have entered your account number correctly and send reply. In a short time you will receive a message saying “Congratulations you have been successfully synchronized”
  5. Now dial *389*214# on the phone
  6. Click on Security, Select Change PIN to enter your default PIN and enter your new four digits PIN. Please use a four digit number you can easily remember. If you use a difficult pin and forget it. It will lead to going to bank. Meeting customer service agent to help you resolve it. Please secure your pin to avoid been fraud.

Now have successfully registered your sim card for the fcmb transfer code, you can start enjoying mobile banking using FCMB USSD code on your mobile phone. Easy transfer of money from FCMB account to other bank accounts is enable.

FCMB USSD Code To Check Account Balance

Do you know that you can check your fcmb account balance without going to bank or visiting any ATM machine? Yes it’s very possible using your phone. This works well on smart phone, tablet, and other phones that you dial the ussd code on.

  1. To check your bank balance dial *389*214#, and follow instructions on the screen to complete the process.

How To Buy Airtime Using FCMB USSD Banking

Are you running out of airtime? if so don’t worry because you can now recharge your phone or friend’s phone directly from your fcmb bank. Dialing *329*amount#, example *328*200#.

To recharge a third party dial *329*amount*phone number# ( use this method when you want to recharge any phone number not registered with FCMB).

Summary Of All FCMB Transfer Code

How To Transfer Money From FCMB To Other Banks

I am very sure you have followed the guide above to activate your phone number for FCMB USSD banking. So if, then you are just a step away from sending fund/money to your desired account number in Nigeria without visiting any nearest fcmb bank or ATM machine. This is not hard, it involves dialing just few lines of codes.

To transfer money from your FCMB account to other bank in Nigeria

  1. dial the following code *389*214#. Follow the instruction on your phone screen to complete your transaction.
  2. Or Dial *329*Amount*Account number# to transfer funds.

Make sure you enter the correct beneficiary details like account number, bank name and your transfer pin that you created above.

Advantages And Features Of FCMB USSD Code

Whether you’re at home or in the office, you can easily make use of fcmb transfer code and it allows you recharge your phone without turning your data connection on.

  1. It’s very fast.
  2. It’s convinient.
  3. It’s very secure.
  4. It’s the best and easiest way of banking.
  5. You don’t need any internet connection or WiFi.
  6. You can easily transfer money.
  7. You can easily check your balance.
  8. You can easily purchase airtime anytime you like.
  9. You can easily pay bill, e.g, nepa bill
  10. You can also create fcmb account using the ussd code.


In summary, *389# is the fcmb transfer code and it’s the best and a quick, convenient, secure and easiest way to perform your banking transactions (Transfer Money, Check Balance, Buy Airtime, Pay Bills and mant more) anytime and anywhere, using any type of phone without any internet connection.

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