How To Play Multiplayer On PES 2020 ISO PPSSPP


How would you feel if i show you how to play multiplayer on pes iso ppsspp? You’ll be very happy right? Well my main aim of writing this very post is to show you guys how to connect multiplayer on PES. Pes, ppsspp and fifa supports multiplayer mode option for android and PC.

As we all know, pes is one of the best football games on the internet which a lot of game lover’s likes playing. The multiplayer option allows you to compete with your friends which makes it more unique. Apart from that, pes has a lot of advanced features like, advanced graphics interface and lot more which made it to stand as one of the best.

Requirements To Activate Multiplayer On PES ISO PPSSPP

They are some essential things required from you before you could connect multiplayer on pes.

  • Pes PPSSPP ISO file
  • PES PPSSPP (download pes here)
  • Portable Hotspot
  • Wifi

How To Play Multiplayer On PES ISO PPSSPP

Before you start, please be very sure that pes ppssspp is installed on both phones. Follow the below procedures to activate multiplayer on pes.

  • First create connection between the two devices using hotspot and the other joining with Wifi.
  • Now open the ppsspp Gold and locate settings >> Networking and set it as below image.
  • Remember that both devices must have the same settings indicated in step 2 & 3 above
  • Now go to settings >> Graphic and set it with below image. or depending on your preference
  • Then load the game
  • Go to match Then ADHOC
  • Go to setup room on One of the device and create room with a name (for example, “NIB Admin”)
  • Now ask your friend to join by going to Match >> Adhoc and search for your Room Name “NIB Admin
  • Then you click on the room name to join.
  • After successful configuration, go to match. set up your team formation and start enjoying Multiplayer mode with your friend on PES 2018 ISO.

That’s all guys, you’ve successfully activated multiplayer mode on pes ppsspp ISO, you can also use this above steps to activate it on fifa.

How To Play Multiplayer On PES ISO PPSSPP With PC

  • Just repeat the same procedure in method 2, Except: Use your PC (Host) IP Address as PPSSPP’s Adhoc Server.
  • From Control Panel->Network and Sharing Center->Change Adapter Setting->RightClick on the Network’s Name->Select Status->Click Details.
  • The IPv4 is your PC’s IP Address.
  • So All Devices That will Connect in my game must Input to their Ad hoc Server (“Change PRO ad hoc Server” line in PPSSPP Network Setting).


That’s all guys, I hope you learned how to play multiplayer on pes iso ppsspp on android and PC? Meanwhile if you have any question please feel free to ask me.

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