How To Get Free 1GB Data On MTN 2020


Are you one of those mtn customers searching for how to get free 1gb data on mtn? well if its a yes answer then just have it in mind that you just arrived at the right place.

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Requirements To Get Free 1GB On MTN

They are few things required from you before you could start enjoying free 1gb offer on mtn network.

  • An MTN sim card
  • N100 or N200 MTN recharge card
  • Smart phone

How To Be Eligible For MTN 1GB Free Data Offer

This mtn 1gb offer that is blazing hot now is sim selective and therefore its not for everybody, but that does not mean that you should not try and see if it will work on your mtn sim.

How To Get Free 1GB Data On MTN

Now we have arrived at the main thing that actually brought you to this very post. Go ahead and choose any of this data cheat codes below that perfectly works on your sim.

How To Activate MTN 1GB For N200

Now without wasting much of your time let me go ahead and show you how to activate mtn 1gb for 200 naira.

  1. Make sure you have upto 200 naira on your balance.
  2. Now go ahead and dial, *131*65*2#
  3. That’s all

How To MTN 1GB For N200 Data Balance

Now you’ve finally subscribed to this amazing offer, you can now browse and stream videos as you like. Below is how to check your balance.

  1. Dial *131*4#
  2. Or send 2 to 131 as text massage.

How To Check If You Are Eligible For MTN Welcome Back Bonus

Unfortunately it’s not everybody that is eligible to enjoy this mtn welcome back bonus, its mainly for new mtn customers or those that abandoned their sim for a very long time. Follow below steps to check if you are eligible for mtn welcome back bonus

  1. Make sure you don’t have airtime on your sim
  2. Now go ahead and dial *131*65*2#
  3. if you are not eligible for the offer you will get similar massage below
  4. Or if you are Eligible for this awesome mtn 1gb for n200 you’ll be taken to another window
  5. That’s all.

How To Be Eligible For MTN 1GB For N200

I’m going to show you guys the best and working method to be eligible for mtn welcome back bonus.

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What you can do to be eligible for MTN N200 for 1gb plan is to keep your MTN sim card unused either inside a phone or out of a phone for 30-60 days.

As we all know that the mtn welcome back offer is made to bring back those MTN users that abandon their MTN for a long period of time.

So by abandoning your MTN sim for a long time, MTN will be prompted to make you eligible for the plan.

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Abandoning MTN sim may be a bit difficult for the ones with just one MTN sim. So if you have just one MTN sim (especially if it is your hotline) I will not encourage you abandon your sim rather I will advise you buy a new MTN sim, use it for some time, maybe like 7 – 14 days, then keep the sim you can abandon it out of a phone or inside a phone.

If you can do the above instructions, there is a very high probability you will be made eligible for the Win-Back Bundle. So if you were searching for how to get free 1gb data on mtn, i believed that this very post was helpful.

How To Activate MTN 1GB For N100

have you heard about the new mtn cheap data plan? With this, you can get mtn 1gb for 100 naira and this offer is valid for one month.

I have been rocking this mtn cheap data code for month’s now and i just decided to post it for my readers to enjoy too. I have been using this mtn 1gb for 100 naira to do a lot of thing’s, e.g downloading, streaming of videos, and lots more.

It doesn’t have any restrictions at all, you can use it for anything. But the only bad news is that this mtn 1GB for 100 naira is for selected customers, which means that its not available for all customers.

How To Check If You Are Eligible For MTN 1GB For 100 Naira

Make sure you don’t have up to 100 naira on your MTN line

Then dial *131*100#

You’ll be prompted to either accept auto renewal or subscribe only once

Simply select the option you want.

If you get an insufficient balance response, then you are eligible for the plan. You can go ahead and recharge 100 Naira and then subscribe.

Otherwise you will get an ineligible response.

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How To Activate MTN 1GB For 100 Naira

  1. Load a recharge card of 100 Naira
  2. Then dial *131*100# to subscribe
  3. Data is valid for 1 month
  4. Now go ahead and enjoy

How To Check Data Balance

Dial *131*4# for data balance.

Free Browsing Cheat Telegram Channel

We also have a telegram channel where free browsing freaks can join and get updates from us about an any free data cheat.

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I strongly believed that you have learned how to get free 1gb data on mtn, meanwhile if you have any question please feel free to ask me.

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