Best Glo Unlimited Data Plan And Price 2020

If you are reading this post it means that you we’re searching for the glo unlimited data plan code and price especially for heavy internet user’s.

Today I’m going to share a lot of working glo data plan for heavy data user’s on glo network to enjoy. So if you are a glo customer then you very lucky to be here.

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Cheapest Glo Unlimited Data Plan Code And Price

Below is the full list of latest glo data plan code and price . choose the one that matches your budget and enjoy.

Glo Plans PricesData VolumeData Volume with BonusValidityUSSD

How To Migrate To Glo Data Plan

Existing customers can subscribe or migrate to Glo Yakata by dialing *230# but all new SIMs are on Glo Yakata by default.

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This innovative service offers you awesome voice and data benefits. When you buy Glo SIM, you get up to 6GB data every month for 6 months (that is 36GB of data) plus a whooping 2,200% on every N100 recharge to call all networks.

Glo Yakata Data Cheat

  • To subscribe or migrate to Glo yakata data plan, simply dial *230#. You can confirm if you are on the plan already by dialing *100# on your Glo line.
  • To check your bonus, simply dial *230*1#to view your bonus, then your will receive confirmation messages whenever you recharge.

How to check your bonus on Glo Yakata data plan

Usually, after every recharge, confirmation text or sms messages will be sent to your phone. but in an event you didn’t get any confirmation messages then there is a simple USSD code for you to check your Yakata bonus.

To check your Glo Yakata bonus, simply dial the USSD code *230*1#.

How to Unsubscribe from Glo Yakata Prepaid Data Plan

  • To unsubscribe from Glo YAKATA, simply dial *220#.

        *Please note that subsequent migrations within same month attract a charge of N100 per migration.

These benefits also comes with e-Top up, and you will get these benefits on both physical and e-recharge platforms.

Glo N25 Data Plan

This is the cheapest plan from Glo, and of course it is among the daily plans. It gives you a whooping data volume of 10MB, and extends it to 12.5MB as the bonus for your sim card, all for N25.

To activate the N25 plan, recharge your SIM with N25, and then dial *127*32# USSD code or SMS 32 to 127, and it will be activated automatically. Provided you already have the N25 on your SIM card. It will last 1day.

Glo N50 Data Plan

There is another normal or cheaper rate of Glo data plan, which gives you 22MB as your normal data volume and with bonus, you will have a mouth watering deal of 27.5MB, all for N50.

To activate the Glo N50 data plan, recharge your SIM with N50, and then dial *127*14# or SMS 14 to 127 and that is all. The plan validity is 1day, and subscribers can easily enjoy the plan from their mobile handsets or Android phones.

Glo N100 data plan

If you are a Glo subscriber and you really want to enjoy those amazing short time on the internet, you can use the N100 data plan, which gives you data volume of 80MB, and bonus of 100MB.

To activate the Glo N100 data plan, recharge your SIM with N100, and then dial *127*51# USSD code, or SMS 51 to 127. The plan is valid for 1day. Ans like others, you will also enjoy being online only for short period of time.

Glo 5day Plan

Of course, this is not a daily plan, neither is a weekly plan, the issue is that it fits in-between both options. It is quite affordable tho, this Glo data plan for 5days, gives you data volume of 210MB, plus the bonus, the total is 262MB.

To activate this Glo 5day data plan, recharge your SIM with N200, and then dial *127*56# USSD code or SMS 56 to 127 and you are done. The plan costs N200, and you extensively do more than the average daily plans listed above.

Glo 14day Plan

Like the aforementioned 5day plan, this is the Glo data plans for 14days, which allows you to browse more, surf the internet more, watch seconds videos, and you can even download few files, all for N500.

It gives you 800MB data volume and plus the bonus, you will have 1GB data plan. To activate this Glo 14days plan, recharge your SIM with N500, and then dial *127*57# USSD code or SMS 57 to 127. The validity date is 14 days.

That’s all guys, don’t forget to share this working glo unlimited data plan code with friends.

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