Best Offline War Games For Android 2020


If you are searching for the best offline war games for android to download or the best war game to install on your phone just note that you’ve just arrived at the right place.

A lot of game lover’s like me out there are seriously looking for good action games for android or pc to install so that they can enjoy during their free hour. But as for me, I do play games most especially when I’m alone or bored in my room.

So all the war games that I am about to share with you guys now are currently the best and I’m very sure that you would definitely enjoy it.

In fact, I just finished playing one before writing this post(lol). The games are all amazing.

Best Offline War Games For Android Phone

Now we have finally arrived at the main thing that brought you to this post. Below are the best android war games.

Brothers In Arms 2 Free+ Mod Apk

This game is a first-person shooting (FPS) game on your Android device. Its 3D graphics feature makes the game look more realistic. It’s advisable to play the game with your headphones and enjoy the realistic sound effects such as the exploding grenades, the sound of fighter planes passing by, and the foreign languages spoken by your enemies.

The game also features a shop that sells powerful weapons so you can equip yourself very well for your missions. You can also buy weapons by using the points you have accumulated from your missions. Some items can only be bought by using Gold medals. You can get Gold medals through missions or exchanging your real money for one.

You can also play multiplayer mode with your friends using Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi connection. Test your shooting skill and challenge up to 5 players in three different modes: free for all, team deathmatch, and domination.

Clash Of Clans Mod Apk

Among all the best offline war games for android, clash of clans is my favorite and I can’t really stay a day without playing it.

Clash of clan is a strategy war game that allows you to build your town with the available resources. Clash of Clans is available for free with some in-app purchases. Collect resources and build your base. Deploy your army of wizards and kings, and take over the enemy clan in order to stay on top.


  • Trained fighter’s with amazing skills
  • Join the clan to be a part of the war
  • Create spells to wake your army from the dead
  • Grow your clan with multiple upgrades

This strategy war game for Android gives you every opportunity to show your best strategy skills in real-time. Reach the highest town hall level to stay on top of the global leaderboard.

Clash of clan is available on play store and you can download it here.

March Of Empire: War Of Lords

March empire is one of the best free war games for Android. It was developed by Gameloft.

The game is set up in the age of the medieval period, where you are out to slay the enemies in order to conquer the kingdom. Choose between the different armies such as Highland King, a Northern Tsar, or a Desert Sultan, each having different playstyle.


  • Determine five highly defended castles
  • Unlock special powers and bonus
  • Select from different characters each having unique fighting skill
  • Amazing detailed graphics

This war game for Android is one of the best on the list. Get ready to take a ride to the medieval age and see what the real power was.

March of Empire is available on the play store and it can be downloaded from here.

World At Arms Mod Apk

Word at arms is one of my favorite war games.

Where you have to raise and plan your army to fight against KRA, an invasive army that plans to take out the whole world. You can show your skills and power to wipe KRAs in solo campaign mode.


  • Free world war simulation game
  • Amazing graphics and animations
  • Unlock new weapons and technologies
  • Upgrade army and facilities

This war game lets you survive and protect the world from getting killed. Save dying souls from the wicked enemy armies.

World at arms can be downloaded on play store from here.

Unkilled Mod Apk Download

Unkilled is one of my favorite zombie shooter game and another amazing thing about the game is that it comes with a multiplayer option.

Special ops and extra-long storyline features. Staged in New York City, you are required to survive in an apocalyptic world in the most terrifying zombie outbreak. Start the story with one of five unique characters that are elite members of the task force called in to do the dirty work on the streets of the Big Apple, known simply as the Wolfpack. As part of a private military organization designed to find, track, and kill any and all threats, you will dig deeper into the streets, subways, sewers, and back alleys of New York. In so doing, you’ll uncover a plot more heinous and nefarious than anyone expected.

Unkilled can be downloaded from Play Store here.


Above is the full list of the best offline war games for android. Go ahead and download and Enjoy.

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