List Of All The Airtel Tarrif Plans And Migration Code 2020

I’m going to be listing all airtel tarrif plans and migration code for all the Airtel users to enjoy cheap call rate and cheap data.

There are a lot of good tarrif plans on airtel suitable for call and also data, so today i’m going to be listing all of them to allow you choose the one that is suitable for you.

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You’d hardly hear people throwing sunglasses at airtel for increasing their tariff or information bundles.

Sure, Airtel has its own faults, the one that stand proud likes sore thumb is excessive statistics consumption, but we are here to talk about airtel tarrif plans not record bundle right?

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So in this article I’ve hand picked the first class Airtel tarrif plans that are really worth subscribing to.

Airtel Tarrif Plans And Migration Code

Below are the working and cheap airtel tarrif plans that worth subscribing to.

Tariff PlansOpt-in codeSuitability
Airtel SmartTrybeSimply Dial *312#For surfing the internet
Airtel SmarTalk 2.0Simply dial *315#Subsidized call rate
Airtel SmartConnectNew SIM usersWell rounded
Airtel SmartTrybe JuniorDial *317# or alternatively send YES to 317Best Tariff for students
Airtel SmartValueDial *314#Suitable for International calls

Airtel SmartTrybe Tarrif Plan And Migration Code

It’s a culture to save the quality for last. This time around I’m going against the rule to bring to you the best airtel tarrif plan particularly for people that want surf the net and at the same time experience discounted call rate.

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Airtel smartTrybe gives an 11k/sec flat call rates.

Airtel in their advertisements have shown the try be is for a specific students. It’s most effective on this this one of a kind plan you’d get 1GB for 500 naira. And its very simple in this exceptional data plan user’s get 500mb and 1.5GB night subscriptions.

To Migrate to Airtel SmartTrybe:

  1. Simply Dial *312#

Airtel SmarTalk 2.0 Tarrif Plan And Migration Code

Just like the 11k/s Glo tariff plan, the Airtel SmartTalk offers a whooping 11k/s to Airtel and other local providers . Also, a daily fee of N5 is charged meaning your phone has to have up to N5 daily to enjoy the awesomeness of the plan.

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With that said, the Airtel SmartTalk is suitable for international calls offering at least 20k/s to top five countries like: USA, United Kingdom, China, Canada, and India.

How to Migrate to SmartTalk

  1. Simply dial *315# or alternatively
  2. Send YES to 315

Airtel SmartValue Tarrif Plan And Migration Code

Get all the value you need with the smartValue. Unlike maximum price list at the list, you don’t have to pay a daily access price to enjoy the features here.

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At a flat rate, you get to call Airtel and other networks at 15k/s, at the same time as international name location inches more 5kb bringing it to a complete of 20k/s.

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The smartvalue plan is one in every of the first rate alternative on the listing and if you want to migrate to start feasting at the offer:

How To Migrate To Airtel SmartValue

  1. Dial *314#

Airtel Value Plan

With the value plan Airtel Tariff plans just keep getting better and better.  Just like the SmartTrybe the value plans offers a 11k/s to all networks in Nigeria.

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The best part is that you don’t have to pay for a daily fee to access the 11k/s call rate.

To subscribe to the Airtel Value Plan:

Dial *243#

Airtel SmartConnect Tarrif Plan And Migration Code

SmartConnect  is a special tariff package and let me tell you why:

SmartConnect subscribers can eat their cake and still have it. Oh you thought only Nigerian politicians could?

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Caveat: SmartConnect is for new airtel subscribers – you can  only subscribe once to the plan after transferring to another tariff, the doors to the plan will be shut.

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Now here’s the thing – This plan offers its subscribers at the end of the month a massive 100% on their airtime recharge for the month. So let’s say your whole airtime recharge for the month sums to N1000 – You’ll get an extra N1000 for calling? No this time it’s to surf the internet.

Additionally, subscribers can register family and friends – Dial *312*2*number#. To delete a number from the list, simply dial *311*3#

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Furthermore, you can get up to N300 weekly for recharge of N200 above.

To Migrate to SmartConnect:

You don’t need any migration code as the plan itself is available to all new Airtel Sim.

Call Rates:

Subscribing to the plan means you’ll be able to enjoy a flat rate charge of 50k/s.  Also, international call destinations would demand a 10k increase at 60k/s.  Contacts on the family and friends are the winners in the charge category as you’d be charged just 40k/s.

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How to Migrate to Airtel SmartRoam

To migrate to the Airtel SmartRoam, you’d have to recharge N5,000 and above to enjoy free roaming from any of the countries below.

Here are some of the countries and networks qualified for the plan:

  • USA – AT&T.
  • UAE – DU & Etisalat.
  • South Africa – Cell C & Vodacom.
  • Saudi Arabia – Zain & STC.
  • UK – Orange, Telefonica O2 and Vodafone.

Airtel SmartTrybe Junior Tarrif Plan And Migration Code

Remember the SmartTrybe is best for university students? Well, guess what Secondary and Primary school students aren’t left out of Airtel Tariff Specialty.

To keep your children closer to you at a dial of a button, the Airtel prepaid plan is what you need.

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Firstoff, the SmartTrybe junior allows your kids line to get 10% bonus of each airtime recharge you make.

It also provides NERDC approved courses which can be checked via *317#

Also Data Purchase of 200MB and beyond are rewarded with a massive 100% bonus.

To Migrate to SmartTrybe Junior:

Dial *317# or alternatively send YES to 317

Best Airtel Tarrif Plan For Data

airtel smartTrybe is the best plan for data user’s, Simply Dial *312#

Best Airtel Tarrif Plan For Call

airtel smartTalk is the best Tarrif plan for call, Simply dial *315#.


Now you’ve seen the list of all the airtel tarrif plans and migration code, do not forget to comment and share.

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