Latest Airtel Free Browsing Cheat 2020

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Are you still searching for a working airtel free browsing cheat that will enable you browse, download and stream without paying a dime? If yes then you are very lucky to be on this post.

In 2019 a lot of free browsing cheat was discovered both capped and unlimited cheat. I thought is going to be tough for free browsing freaks like us in 2020 but it wasn’t.

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So today we have arrived again with latest airtel free data cheat that allows you browse and stream for free. You can download unlimitedly with this latest airtel free browsing cheat and the amazing thing about this cheat is that it works in all sim and it’s not a capped cheat and no VPN is required.

This airtel cheat was kept as a secret because we think that if we make it public that a lot of people will abuse it or report the cheat which might lead to Airtel agents to block the cheat.

But don’t worry because today i’m going to reveal the cheat and kindly know that you need to act fast so that you’ll benefit from this cheat.

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NOTE: Once Airtel telecom blocks the ISP that supplies the cheat, It will stop working so you really have to act fast now and enjoy it.

Airtel Free Browsing Cheat 2020 Requirements

For you to enjoy this Glo free browsing cheat you need the following.

  1. airtel Sim card
  2. Platform: Android/iOS
  3. Internet: 3G/4G
  4. Tunneling app
  5. No airtime required
  6. No data required

Latest Airtel Free Browsing Cheat 2020

Thousands of people are using this cheat now and it could be blocked at any time once airtel agents finds out. Activate it asap to enjoy.

First, install the opera web browser you download from HERE

Open it

Go to handler menu, Tick Remove Port

Proxy Type: Real Host

Proxy Server:

Then, Tap on SAVE and open any websites or web page within the browser to start browsing free.

Free Browsing Cheat Telegram Channel

We also have a telegram channel where free browsing freaks can join and get updates from us about an any free data cheat.


That’s it, don’t forget to comment and share this airtel free browsing cheat with friends.


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