Airtel Cheat Codes For Free Recharge 2020

If you are reading this post it simply means that you were searching for airtel cheat codes for free recharge. On today’s post i’m going to show you guys some working airtel free credit cheat codes and airtel free data cheat codes.

If you have been following us on this blog or on our telegram channel, you’ll discover that we have been sharing a lot of working free browsing tricks. So today i have arrived again with another working cheat on airtel for free recharge.

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Hey, this cheat is working perfectly fine as of the time i published this post, if it doesn’t work for you it simply means that it has been block by Airtel or it it doesn’t work for your sim. So simply follow the below procedure to activate this airtel cheat for free mb.

Airtel Cheat Codes For Free Recharge

Below are some of the latest and working code for free recharge on airtel. It has been tested and confirmed working perfectly.

Airtel 3x Data Offer

Airtel triple data cheat is an offer that was recently launched by airtel telecom that allows you enjoy 3x of your recharge.

How Airtel Triple Data Works

The Airtel Triple Data Offer (Airtel 3x data) has been blazing hot since the beginning of 2017, but up till now, only a few people are enjoying the offer, some of us thought that the offer is no more available. So, today, I will share it with you guys as it’s still working very fine, the new method of activating the Airtel Triple Data Offer.

How To Activate Airtel Triple Data Offer

Below is the most fast and easiest way to activate airtel 3x data offer

  1. Buy a new Airtel sim card Or use an existing Airtel sim that is less than 3 months old.
  2. Sms Get To 141
  3. Sms MIFI to 141 also before subscribing everything
  4. Ignore the messages sent afterwards. Then buy a data plan.
  5. When buying data, choose the first option 1 which includes Airtel Free Surf 
  6. Don’t choose Stop my data option which is the second option. 
  7. It’s done.

Load either 500 naira normally and dial *141*500# (valid for 14 days) 750mb x3 = 2.2GB + other smaller bonuses.


Or recharge 1000 naira normally and dial *141*1000# (valid for 30 days) 1.5GB x3  = 4.5GB + other smaller bonuses or recharge 2000 naira normally and dial *141*2000# (valid for 30 days) = 3.5GB x3 = 10.5GB + other smaller bonuses.

Airtel Triple Data Plans

2GB for N500, Dial *141*500# 5GB for N1000, Dial *141*1000# 5GB for N2000, Dial *141*2000#

Airtel Data Bonus Code

Dial *123*1# for bonus balance Dial *123*2# for voice bundle balance Dial *140# for data bundle balance.

Airtel Free Data Offer 9GB For N2000, 1GB For N300

Thus cheat is not 100% free it requires you to have some recharge balance in your phone. And it varies from sim card to sim card due to its eligibility. To check your sim card eligibility follow our guide below.

How To Activate Airtel Free Data Offer 2020

  • To check eligibility dial *141# send it and reply 1 to see the offers you are qualified to enjoy.
  • After replying 1, a list will pop up like the one below. Giving you the list of available data plan for you to enjoy. Now you have seen them.
  • Recharge equivalent amount according to the plan you want.
  • Now repeat the steps above to enjoy, the airtel free data offer.
  • The Airtel cheap data plan list has each data validity beside it, ranging from the minimum to the maximum.

Airtel Free Data 6GB For N1500

Hey guys, I will be showing you the new strategy that you can enjoy Airtel 6GB data at cheap rate. This offer have been on though got blocked due to one of another reason. But I am very happy to announce to you that it is available now, you can enjoy free data on your Airtel sim card for free.

This cheat is for selected customers, works well on new Airtel sim cards. Mostly sim not up to 3 months old. If yours is above that check eligibility using the following method..

How To Check Eligibility

This offer is not available for every Airtel user, to check if you are eligible here is what to do…

  • Please be sure you don’t have up to N1500 in your account.
  • Proceed and dial the following code to subscribe, *141*1504# to subscribe.
  • Now you will get a responses telling you that you don’t have sufficient airtime to enjoy the offer “ dear customer you do not have sufficient credit to enjoy this offer. Please recharge and try again later”
  • But if you are not eligible, the message will be opposite “ You are not eligible for this offer” then know that your sim is not qualified. If your sim is qualified congratulations, let’s proceed.

How To Enjoy Airtel 6GB For N1500

  • Make sure you have up to N1500 airtime in your phone. If not recharge N1500 and dial the following code to activate it. Dial *141*1504# and get you’re awoof 6GB data.
  • To check your data balance please dial *140#
  •  The given data is valid for 7 days.

Hope this Airtel free data cheat worked for you, yeah many are enjoying it now. Use the share button to tell friends about it. Keep visiting for new free browsing cheats.

Airtel 3GB For N500 Cheat Code

Airtel is aim at providing the best customer care service to their users. With well designed user experience, here they are again with another enticing offer to her users.

This airtel code for cheap data works well in 2G network. This is to say that if your phone is using 3G, 4G, or 5G that this cheat code will not work fine for you.

You can still enjoy this free browsing by changing your phone back to 2G network. It can be done manually, follow the steps below

Go to Settings >> …More >> Mobile networks >> Preferred network type and then select 2G network.

If you have done that, your phone number is now in 2G. Next, proceed to activate airtel cheat codes for free recharge.

How To Get Airtel Free N22,000 Airtime with 2.2GB Data For Free

For you to activate Airtel free 22k airtel follow the steps below

Dial *277*1*2# on your registered airtel sim. It’s advisable for you to use old Airtel sims that have not been in use.

You can repeat the process to accumulate the airtime. It can be used to make calls.

Note that you can’t use the airtime to subscribe or buy data. It can only be used to make calls.

To check your airtime balance, simply dial*123*58#.

If this airtel free credit cheat code works for you then enjoy it. If not, checkout the next method.

Summary On Airtel Cheat Codes For Free Recharge

Hope one of the listed airtel cheat codes for free recharge worked for you? If it no, that means airtel telecommunication company must have blocked the loophole that gives the opportunity to enjoy the free recharge bonus.

Browse through this site to get more working free browsing cheat.

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