How To Borrow Money Using Access Bank Loan Code

With access bank loan code, you can easily borrow money using your phone from an access bank without any collateral and pay back any time you like. This awesome service is available to all Access bank customers, all you have to do is to dial the code to get started.

Do you know another amazing thing about the access bank ussd code? the amazing is that you don’t need any collateral or guarantor before you can borrow money from access bank, you can borrow money instantly by just dialing the shortcode.

This service is designed to help access bank account holder’s to meet up with their urgent financial needs before receiving their salaries.

Are you an access bank account holder and you are running out of cash but you need money urgently? if the answer is a yes to the question then you are very lucky to be on this very post. Today we are going to show you how you can easily borrow money using access bank loan code.

Access Bank Loan Code

  • The access bank loan code is *901*11#
  • Dial the code on your phone to get started
  • Follow the screen prompt to borrow money from access bank

If you encounter any problem or have any questions on the procedure or other details, you are free to turn to the Access Bank directly and find out everything you need. They are accessible on the phone (discover the valid numbers at their official website) or via email.


I believe that you have gotten all the necessary pieces of information you need regarding theĀ access bank loan code, you are free to ask me any question.

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